At CORNERFORD we've often been asked; what makes your products "Luxury"?

Well the answer is ... nothing.


Nothing makes our products luxury. Yes, we use the finest materials and pay attention to every single detail, however, luxury is what you do with it, not the product itself.

Ever heard the saying; money doesn't buy you class? Well it's the same concept. You have to take a timepiece, display it with your utmost proudness and love. Portray it as you've earned it. Portray it as something that you've worked for and that's what you stand for; graft, intelligence and style.

We want our clients to learn what the product is about, why it stands out and why it cannot compare to other products on the market, whether it be British design, British materials or British hand-made workmanship.

Take that product and expand your living. Take it travelling to expand your horizons, learn a new skill or experience a luxurious accompaniment; a hotel, a restaurant or a car.

Cornerford will be gripping you with this type of style in 2018; learn what we think about the products and companies that compliment ours to bring out the best in you.