Luxury is nothing without demeanour. Becoming a gentleman with your clothing, accessories and lifestyle should be top of your list.

So, we took some inspiration from Mr. Henry Deane in Sydney this week. Henry Deane is a Gentleman who is the heart and soul of Hotel Palisade.

A stunning establishment, in the best location steeped in history and class, Hotel Palisade is an incredible experience that blows ‘normal’ hotels out of the water and into a league of its own.

Cornerford teamed up with Hotel Palisade to bring a lifestyle to our followers that should be celebrated. Whether you’re staying in one of the 8 beautiful boutique rooms or visiting the rooftop bar with its breath-taking views of the Harbour Bridge sipping on a gin, you’ll feel like you belong in a lifestyle that accentuates your passion for success.


Every detail is thought about in the building from the ground floor to the top, every effort being made to keep the original features for that special feel. Even the hotel guide urges you to give your mum a call.

A perfect combination like that means that the place attracts only the best clientele who appreciate style and class, so come join us, there’s a gin waiting for you.

See for yourself below and when you’re ready, delve into your very own experience at Hotel Palisade.