The team at Cornerford literally had hundreds of luxury hotels to choose from in the heart of Melbourne. So when we partnered with Notel, our boss "insisted" he would tag along on the press trip to check it out! For us, as we’ve said before, luxury is not about jewels or Michelin star restaurants, it’s about the luxury of time and how it is spent. Welcome to New Rich.

This is why we have partnered up exclusively with Notel for our Melbourne campaign.

Why Notel? Notel is different. They proudly shout that they are not-a hotel but a very distinctive experience overall, opting for stunning Airstream caravans (shipped in all the way from the US) over a typical hotel room. They quash all the typical hotel cliches which suits us perfectly!

The free minibar helps too.

The experience was extraordinary starting from the speakeasy-style entry, you feel part of an exclusive club that no one else knows about and you've discovered it yourself.

The 6 luxury `70s style American Airstreams are incredibly spacious with a cosy feel - especially if you want a night in watching netflix from the ceiling.

Cornerford look to bring luxury style to our customers, so once you've got ready and finished your look off with a Cornerford Timepiece, venture out 5 minutes to find Australia's top casino, docklands and City Centre right on the doorstep of Notel. You really can't be more central!

After your night on the town, head downstairs for a fantastic coffee and go back to chill on the quaint rooftop.

You have everything that you need here, so relax and embrace it!

Check out Notel HERE for an experience you won't forget in a hurry.

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