La Familia


La Familia

Cornerford Presents: A Night of Luxury & Elegance

                                            Team Cornerford with founder Dovy Cornerford

                                            Team Cornerford with founder Dovy Cornerford

Cornerford teamed up with the extremely prestigious Perrier-Jouet Champagne to bring a night of luxury & elegance; a place for gentlemen and ladies to dress up in their top threads and enjoy a premier evening. 

Together with Perrier-Jouet we set out to transform Buddha Lounge in Southampton - a bar in the heart of Southampton's nightlife that attracts only the very best clientele. There really is no better club around the vicinity to host the luxurious timepieces shown off by Cornerford.

Each guest loved the champagne reception on the red carpet as well as beautifully selected pieces showcased around the prestige lounge for everyone to see. A few lucky people walked away with Cornerford goody bags packed with merchandise and their very own piece to show off and compliment their suits and dresses.

VIP tables flowed with the golden bubbles of Perrier-Jouet for distinguished guests, celebrities and press from the fashion world.

Look out for further events around the country and we'll see you next time! If you made it to Southampton, find your photos on Buddha Lounge's Facebook page HERE.

About last night....

About last night....


GQ Premium: The Fashion Collection

October 2016 saw Cornerford hand-picked by British GQ to feature in their most sought after issue, The 19th Annual Man of the Year awards. In these lucrative issues, Cornerford was showcasing our range timepieces amongst the most current menswear and accessory companies all perfectly suited for those seeking style inspiration.

The GQ Awards were held in London's Tate Modern this month which saw the utmost best-dressed celebrities attend, some of which showcasing the cornerford label on their wrists | Taking fashionably late to a new level.

Pick up your copy today, uniquely with 4 different covers to choose from to celebrate the GQ Awards | #JoinThisThingOfOurs


Modaa mixes in with our Familia

Newly crowned Ibiza Clubbing Award DJ Modaa, also known as Lloyd Scoulding captures the soul of  Cornerford branding. He shows us all that being a gentleman is way beyond just a suit. It is about having control and influencing people in the right way - whatever medium you use it through.

Every time Modaa steps onto the stage, thousands of eyes are staring in anticipation to see, and hear, what he does best. Controlling the crowd until every last person is grasping his beats.

Recently winning the Ibiza Clubbing Guide Grassroots Newcomer DJ Award, the Modaa brand is exactly who we cater for - individuals reaching for the big picture. Lloyd is out to build his own DJ empire, constantly opening new doors wherever he goes, leaving nothing behind, starting on a quiet night in a local bar in Swansea, now playing residencies in clubbing capital Ibiza in big name venues, but siting his highlight of playing Ministry Of Sound as a "dream come true".



His Empire just grows strength to strength and you need to remember the name Modaa if you don't know already. A source cemented Lloyd's status as a gentleman by saying "How many DJ's do you know that will say text me when you get back safely? Quality."

Hungry, ambitious and yet still maintaining a gentlemanly way of life is what our brand stands for.

Follow Modaa's latest gigs and appearances on his social media pages and check out his Ministry of Sound performance.


We help Liam 'Sanjay' Williams starts his Cornerford collection

Welsh Rugby hero Liam Williams has added a Cornerford Timepiece to his watch collection and seems pretty happy about it!

Fresh from his Rugby World Cup campaign where the Welsh Gentlemen had played outstandingly well considering a mass of injuries, they have cemented their status as heroes within the Welsh contingent. To say thanks, and to help with his injury recoveries, Cornerford has given Liam a Cornerford Timepiece to dress his wrist.

Liam Williams played an integral part to the Welsh team in this years Rugby World Cup, with the highlight being a hard fought win over England, which eventually saw them being knocked out at the group stages. Wales continued into the quarter finals, narrowly missing a move into the semi's, losing 23-19 to South Africa.

Cornerford seems to be loved by a vast array of sporting Gentlemen and we only look to grow further. We proudly welcome Liam into our Familia and you too can become a part of it. #JoinThisThingOfOurs


Timepieces that hit every corner of the Globe

Our familia have spread across the planet, building Empires across the globe. Happy customers everywhere are showing off their timepieces on social media. We love seeing every picture and get a huge buzz seeing our familia grow far and wide. When you decide which timepiece to add to your collection, photograph it and show it off. Be proud. Wear it Big.

Email your pictures to or use the hashtag #Cornerford on your social media and we'll notice you.




Angel Rangel accused of giving footballers a good name

It was only a few years ago when footballers had a common misconception perceived in the media. The newspapers are quick to jump on stories that make someone look bad - but slyly sweep stories that make them supermen under the rug. Footballers in the UK and around the world are adored. It only takes this video to prove it.

All carry a strong love for the fans in their heart, because without them they wouldn't have reached the dizzy levels of professionalism in the sport that they themselves adore.

Angel Rangel is no different. A Gentleman in his own right, a great role model to future footballers who want to make it out onto the field. We had a quick chat with him and as huge fans of Swansea City ourselves (as that is where we began before moving to the Capital) it was amazing to see the passion in his stories - a highlight of his being beating Barclays Premier League rivals Manchester United 2-1 last season.

Now he has Joined the Cornerford Family to cement his place into the Gentleman world. Like him, we welcome you to #JoinThisThingOfOurs


Liverpool's Elite Belgian, Simon Mignolet shows off his new Timepiece collection

A blistering start to the 2015-16 Barclays Premier League campaign for Liverpool's Simon Mignolet - starting with two hard fought games and coming out the other end with two clean sheets. A proud zero that any Goalkeeper likes against their name. 

Being hailed as one of the top Goalkeepers in one of the best leagues in the world, Simon showing that hard work at pre season, including a few games down under in Australia, is starting to pay off in the opening games of the season.

However, we like to think that we have brought a certain bit of luck to our latest high profile customer in the form of the Cornerford Timepiece that he is showing off. As long as that stays within reach, and if it helps him turn up to training on time - we think this season he will shine for his Team mates.

Anyone that is welcomed into our Familia is certain to gain some well deserved luck. #JoinThisThingOfOurs


Read our latest interview with Subculture about how and why Cornerford Timepieces was started - our goals and future outlook and where you will see the brand emerging. Read the full interview here.

Things are getting big Gentlemen, #JoinThisThingOfOurs.


Welcome Them With Open Arms

Cornerford has gained two new additions to its Familia. A mix within our two most popular styles including a brilliant white, eye-catching face and a black band for an exquisite finish and a brown/black timepiece that screams professionalism that can accompany a sexy suit. The collection is growing, Gentlemen, and you are part of the beginning of an Empire. It's all built by us and we want you to welcome them as one of your own. #JoinThisThingOfOurs.

Pick your new favourite HERE


In August's issue of Men's Health Magazine in the UK we are featured within Lifestyle Essentials. Grab your issue and read about it. This is just the beginning. Start getting used to our name, Gentlemen - we'll be around for a while.

Choose your favourite timepiece HERE



As with our Nero|Black Timepiece (below) this was another design we took our time over. We are going to be renowned for our detail and slow process of designs to bring the best to our Gentlemen.

The gleaming white face of the Bianco|Brown Timepiece does not fail to catch the eyes of your admirers and will leave them wanting to imitate you. You are on your way to becoming the best and building your empire so why wouldn't they? But you, Gentleman, are already one step ahead of the game, and when we called you to #JoinThisThingOfOurs, we welcomed you with open arms into our Familia. Salut.


Get your Bianco|Brown Timepiece Here.



One of our first designs in the Cornerford Collection. This, along with our Bianco|Brown piece took well over four months to design. The main styling concepts was to create a timepiece that would stand out from the crowd. The deep blacks of the face and the leather strap compliment each other well and provide an extremely classy look for our gentlemen. 

Works best with a crisp white shirt and black tie - but increasingly seeing more and more street style fashion gurus wearing it.

Buy the exquisite Nero|Black Cornerford Timepiece HERE.