Prince Charles’ Lochnagar Whisky Going Once....


Prince Charles’ Lochnagar Whisky Going Once....


Prince Charles evidently has good taste. Not only is he a sharp dresser – he all but defines the traditional British gent in that regard – but he’s a serious epicurean. In nothing is that better showcased than in his choice of whisky. Whereas dear old mum might prefer a gin, HRH The Prince Charles loves nothing more than a dram.


Back in 1988, that took the form of a full cask of Royal Lochnagar, a whisky that most collectors will fawn over given the chance. Water in this instance may just be considered high treason. It was bottled 30 years later on the Prince’s birthday and instantly became a collector’s item.


To illustrate just how in-demand this particular bottle is, earlier this year in January, the first bottle from the cask was sold at auction for £9,100. Sure, that’s not quite up there with whiskies in the tens or hundreds of thousands, but it’s still a serious amount.


Of the original 206, 184 were sold via ballot and one remains in the Royal Lochnagar archive. Now, 20 more of these bottles of 30-year-old exquisiteness – that’s the last of the original cask – are going to be up for sale this month via the Whisky Auction.



If you’re worried about the price these whiskies will set you back, let us put your mind at ease a little bit: both the lot price and the commission will go directly to The Prince’s Foundation. It’s a very good dram for a very good deed – and damn is it a very good dram.


Think cereal, vanilla, pear and marzipan fragrances with sweet black fruits, walnuts and coconuts underneath a creamy palate – quite frankly, it’s whisky porn.


If you don’t manage to snag one of the 20 beautifully-presented bottles, the last of which goes under the hammer soon, never fear. There’s plenty more to bid on, and too much to begin listing. Who knows where it would end? Just do yourself a favour and look over some of the lots available.


The last 20 bottles of HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay’s 1988 30-year-old Royal Lochnagar single malt scotch whisky will go to auction from Sunday 3rd to Tuesday 12th March online at


This article first appeared on Oracle Time





If Classic cuts are your thing, then you’ve no doubt heard of Figaro’s Barbershop in Lisbon - a veritable haven for traditional tailor-made barbering.


Lesser known is the man behind the brand, and that’s because Fabio David Marques is about as unassuming as they come. Fabio tends to let his work speak for itself, and it’s this humility and dedication to craftsmanship that’s attracted some big names, David Beckham included.

Fabio opened Figaro’s back in 2014. Dedicated to preserving the dark-art of traditional men’s grooming, he and his team specialise in classic cuts from the 1920s through to the 50s. Think slick backs, pompadours and executive contours. 
That said, if you are feeling a little more experimental, you can walk out with a flat top boogie, a psycho quiff or a Jelly Roll. These are actual men’s hairstyles, we aren’t just making words up. But don’t be intimidated by the jargon - Fabio and the boys will always advise you before taking the clippers to your hair.


“I honestly believe these are the haircuts that suit every man. They seem to respect the anatomical shape of a man’s head somehow.

The classic cuts are what I love to do and what I’ve specialised in. At the same time, I also enjoy doing longer haircuts inspired by the 1960s and 70s. It really just depends on what the customer wants and what will suit him best.” 


“I met David during a shoot that was happening here at Figaro´s. He asked if he could get a haircut afterwards. It all happened very spontaneously.”


“My ultimate tip is to find a good barber that knows what he’s doing and stick to his advice. Once you’re in the hands of a professional, he’ll help you shape and maintain your most flattering hair and beard style.” 


“My own hairstyle tends to oscillate between a slightly pomped slick back and a long trim pompadour.

Sometimes I like to taper the sides and back so they’re faded. Other times, like right now, I let everything grow out to a super long trim. I’m less experimental with my beard - I’ll let it grow for a week and then go right back to a clean shave.

That said, I’m never without my moustache; it’s been 10 years we’ve been together and I don’t think I could bear to see my face without it.”


This article originally appeared on House 99



Winter Saviour


Winter Saviour

Take Care of Men’s Skin This Winter

cornerford skincare.PNG

A good way to think about seasonal grooming changes is to liken them to changing your wardrobe. You wouldn’t go out into the snow in swim shorts and so you probably shouldn’t leave your home without giving your winter skincare routine a little more oomph to protect yourself from the elements, either.

Skin is your body’s protective layer, designed to keep out nasties like pollution and allergens whilst keeping moisture in. But changing temperatures and low humidity levels can change the balance of water, fat and protein that make up this barrier. Furnace-like meeting rooms. Running to catch the bus with icy wind whipping at your face. Scalding hot showers. These lightning fast changes in environment stress your skin, evaporating hydration from its surface. This, and the fact that you’re no doubt reaching for tea or coffee (both diuretics) to keep yourself warm means your hydration levels in general are all out of whack.

All of these elements can lead to redness, sensitivity, irritation, dryness and other issues on your body armour. So, right around the time you pack up those shorts, t-shirts and open-toe sandals and put them to the back of the closet, so too, should you upgrade your winter grooming routine so you can keep looking like your most beauteous self, even when it’s sub-zero outside.


How do you use facial cleanser for men’s skincare in winter?


As the mercury drops, less heat means less sweat, so opt for a gentle cleanser such as the Cornerford Face & Body Wash which cuts oil and dirt without being abrasive or aggressive to skin. It’s enriched with grape seed and willow bark which help purify and freshen the face, removing impurities and pollution. Ideally, you’re doing this twice a day, morning and night, for 60 seconds at a time. In the morning, it’ll help wake you up. At night, it’ll wash away all the grime of the day, including any product build-up, so you don’t get it on your pillow and keep transferring it back to your face each night like some sort of bacterial recurring nightmare.

How do you tackle dry, itchy, red skin in winter?

Hydration in winter is not an option – it is a necessity. Men’s winter skin can dry out quicker than a barrel of mulled wine at a pub when it gets cold so learn this: Moisture, moisture, moisture – in all forms! Drink plenty of water so that you’ve got a good base to work from. Avoid dry skin that peels and cracks by using the Cornerford Soothing Moisturiser. It combines Licorice root and pumpkin seed (known to strengthen and energise) and is bolstered by a space-technology inspired ingredient that is both oil absorbing and mattifying.


Cornerford: Behind the Scenes


Cornerford: Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered how the Cornerford brand operates?

We’re here to show you how.

cornerford group

And there’s the first façade. “We’re”.

… There is no “we”, just me. Dovy Cornerford.

I guess I can call myself the founder & CEO of Cornerford. But to be a CEO you need to have staff, right?

Everything, absolutely everything, from web design, photography, product design, shipping, marketing and social media is done by myself (with a little help from friends and family when they can!)

This isn’t a ‘come clean’. It’s a behind the scenes of the brand I’m trying to build and to show my customer the journey I go through in developing it. 

I see 100's of these new brands pop up every day on instagram, trying to reach out to 'influencers' who have had their 5 mins of fame on reality TV and to get more vanity followers for their 'brand'. There isn't a second thought to the actual customer base or the quality of the products. 

I look through every single product that I sell and if it's not good enough - doesn't go out to customers at all and I start again. Customer service makes my label what it is and without customer service, there's no point. I answer every email personally and try and give my customer the best service I can so that they have a product they can love.

Developing the Cornerford brand is a lot of staying up until 2am after a full day’s work – and not so much “fake it till you make it”, but more of front end development for the market. I believe there should be a balance between ‘retail ready’ and real-world experience. No one wants to see chiselled abs anymore, it’s been done and it’s boring, however presentation needs to still be at the forefront.

In a world that is absolutely saturated with Instagram models, show offs, wannabes and fakers, I want to show the realness of the brand for everyone to buy into.

Cornerford Meetings

My girlfriend came up with the idea at one of our meetings (a pen, paper, beer and popcorn) to actually show what happens behind the scenes. "Be genuine and show people you're real".

I constantly have people say that I’ve got the image of the brand just right. When emails are sent out, there’s an impression of a global team of 100 people, but it’s just me.

To start the brand took many months of planning. I got a very modest, but successful Kickstarter (take a look at how far the brand has come! - looking back it's very cringe to me) as well as my own savings and my very best friend Joe to help a little. I knew nothing about marketing, PR, branding or watches – but have spent countless hours learning about everything, mainly to save costs - nothing but my passion of watches driving me forward. I spend my free time reading books and listening to podcasts for inspiration. Those who follow me on instagram, will see that I always show my followers what I'm reading or listening to so that they can gather their own inspiration.

From then, little by little, I have grown slowly and keep putting countless hours into making it bigger and better. My ethos from the start has always been more about customer service and to perfect that. From learning photography, Photoshop and digital marketing to helping each customer, teaching myself new skills to save cash and talking to big name buyers who knock me back 100 times over. Each experience helps me and the brand grow into my own vision.

Join me on the journey and see how it develops – coming to think of it, it’s not just me, it’s every single customer and every single fan that helps it grow!


Anyone for a Gin?


Anyone for a Gin?

Here at Cornerford we’re not all about products, it’s how you integrate them into your lifestyle and show them off. We call it luxury living.

Whether you’re dawning your Classic Cornerford on a dinner date, a business meeting or a night on the town – we’ll have you covered across your whole journey – from threads to experiences.

Across the year, we’ll be bringing you places to see, go, eat, drink, relax and experience both all across the UK.

Where better to start than the birthplace of our founder – Dovy Cornerford – in a city extremely close to his heart; Swansea.

A city up-and-coming with new ideas for experiences, we’ve found a perfect place to start – Juniper Place. A new culinary establishment with its very own Gin distillery in the restaurant.

We caught up with the owners to tell us more…

First off, how would they describe their restaurant to those interested?

Restaurant Gin Bar.jpg

“Relaxed dining in the heart of Swansea City. Our Steak & lobster menu is a sight to behold.

We also have a Gin distillery attached to the restaurant - where Cygnet Gin is made, our very own Gin, made by Master Distiller Dai Wakely.

This allows for a bespoke and original in-house ‘Gin Perfect Serve’ menu, serving up Juniper Place’s own Gin made in the distillery on site.”

What makes you stand out from other culinary establishments?

“Our mix of incredible food and beautiful decor is what makes us so popular. The restaurant is truly exquisite, a mix of copper installations, beautiful hanging decorations and of course, the live micro Gin Distillery attached to the venue makes for a wonderful centre piece.

The staff, food and the atmosphere is why Juniper Place is a ‘must visit’ in South Wales."

Something for Everyone

Juniper Place attracts all types of customers; from retired couples enjoying a set lunch, to a group of girls on a hen do, offering something for everyone.

Offering a breakfast, lunch menu and dinner menu, you’ll have no excuse not to visit and of course, no restaurant is complete without a Sunday roast menu!

We met the owners who, like us here at Cornerford, seem extremely likeable, ambitions and hungry (sorry) for more. So where next?

“We also own three other venues in Swansea;

  • Old Havana - a Cuban Fusion restaurant and bar;
  • Li’l London - a Shoreditch theme cocktail ban, and;
  • The Meatery & Martini Co - a steak house and late night martini bar.

So we’ll be concentrating on those venues for a little while, but who knows… the Refining Dining Co brand is one that is always expanding and growing so we’re excited for the future.”

As a London brand, we went to check out Li’l London for ourselves, a cool bar crammed with all things London! From a double decker bus bar, to a replica underground station – we felt right at home!

Interestingly though, we also asked one final question, which incidentally, if we got asked the same thing for our fashion brand, the reply would be almost identical. What is the most difficult thing about running your restaurant?

“You need to stay current, stay ahead of the trends and REALLY know your customers - if you can do that, then you’ll always do well.”


You see – there’s the secret to success. In a world that is changing quicker than anyone ever imagined, it is important to have fresh ideas and more importantly look after your clientele. You do that and you’re well on your way to victory. It’s the passion for bringing in new concepts that makes a business successful.

….anyone for a Gin?