Quentin Movies Ranked... Bring on the Arguments


Quentin Movies Ranked... Bring on the Arguments

With the release of Quentin Tarantino's newest (and, if it’s to be believed, penultimate) film, Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood, it's time once again to talk about the director, and the films he's given us so far.

Quentin Tarantino is a joyfully unique voice in film. A Tarantino film builds a new world each time, never apologizing for perceived logistical flaws, twists of fate, or even, occasionally, complete rewritings of world history. His films are paradoxical; utterly unique and filled to the brim with homages to the endless supply of features he's fed on throughout his life.

Here's a caveat before we begin: We don’t think there is a "bad" Quentin Tarantino movie, so don’t get in a twist if your favourite isn’t near the top - however, tell us on Twitter if you think we’re wrong!

10. Death Proof

One half of the Grindhouse double feature, next to Robert Rodriquez's underrated genre mash-up Planet Terror, this is easily Tarantino at his breeziest, clocking in at 113 minutes, which is positively brief for the dude who loves nothing more than sitting two of his characters down at a table and letting them talk about whatever for up to 45 minutes. Death Proof suffers no delusions of grandeur and its final moments count as one of his very best endings. Still, this is not ambitious or particularly fastidious filmmaking. QT's gotta put his own feet up sometimes, y'know.

9. Jackie Brown

It's great to see Quentin having fun, and that's exactly what Jackie Brown is. Unfairly and reductively labeled as a response to the "blaxploitation" genre, this film takes as much from classic comedy capers as far back as the '50s as it did Shaft. Pam Grier is an exceptional get and one of the best collaborates for the filmmaker in his entire body of work.

8. Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood

In the words of GQ critic Scott Meslow, "Tarantino has built his filmography on a platform of cinephilia, remixing and referencing elements from all his favorite movies to make new ones. Now, he’s cut out the middleman and made a whole movie about Hollywood itself, set in an idealized and lovingly recreated version of Los Angeles circa 1969. If you’re content to luxuriate in it, you might have a good time too. But you shouldn’t expect anything more than that."

7. Kill Bill: Volume 2

Is Kill Bill one movie, or two? The debate will rage on forever, and my take is: I don't care, and have little interest in watching a 5-hour anything ever, so I'm gonna go ahead and call it two movies. This is perhaps a little unfair to Volume 2, which suffers as a second half/sequel/whatever due to its predecessor's more propulsive and playful tone, and its nosedive into uncharacteristic self-seriousness at the end. All the same, it's a wonderful continuation of Uma Thurman's Bride character, and the perfect way to end her story.

6. The Hateful Eight

Tarantino is at his absolute best when he's letting great actors just sit around and talk to each other, an ever-building tension slowly seeping into the movie through the edges of the frame. This is The Hateful Eight almost in its entirety, which puts a band of strangers in a remote cabin during a snowstorm and slowly peels back deception after deception. Stolen identities, covert murders, poisoned coffee: this could easily be staged as a play and suffer very little for it. This is also, it should be mentioned, Tarantino's nastiest movie, with an ending that's for sure unpalatable, but in keeping with the titular hateful actions of our eight.

5. Reservoir Dogs

A heist movie without a heist, an all-star male cast that undercuts cinematic machismo at every turn—this is my shit. Reservoir Dogs discourse often gets bogged down under the film's more trivial moments: The torture scene to "Stuck in the Middle With You," for one, and the vapid "who shot Eddie?" debate for another. As Reservoir Dogs made very clear in not showing us the ill-fated robbery itself, it's the moments in between the moments that make a good story.

4. Django Unchained

Probably one of the most controversial films which would very much divide other people’s place on the list for this film. I for one loved the over-the-top eccentric-ism of this film but others would not find it their cup of tea especially as it can be argued that it glamourises some very serious topics.

pulp fiction.jpg

3. Pulp Fiction

We can all agree, without hyperbole, that Pulp Fiction changed cinema with its playful non-linear storytelling; the many, many catchphrases it contributed to pop culture pretty much immediately after release; its utter lack of loyalty to the "survival" of its main or more likeable characters. This was Tarantino's statement of intent, a true introduction to the man who could magically, simultaneously subvert and celebrate movies for the rest of his career.

2. Kill Bill: Volume 1

A playful and brutal take on the hero's journey, Kill Bill: Volume 1 is pure serotonin cinema. Uma Thurman gives the performance of her lifetime, imbuing The Bride with vulnerability, determination, and rage. The soundtrack is killer, and Tarantino's forays into Eastern filmmaking (including, in one sequence, anime) come off more successfully than any of his other lovingly appropriated pastiches. This is simply one of the best action films ever made.

inglorious basterds.jpg

1. Inglorious Basterds

"I think this might just be my masterpiece," is the final spoken line in Inglourious Basterds, spoken directly into the camera. It's a fantastic piece of meta hubris from the director and, what's more, entirely accurate. Inglourious Basterds is outrageous, violent, funny, and meticulously acted. It feels like Christoph Waltz has been around forever, but it was his Colonel Hans Landa just ten years ago that introduced him to the masses in one of the best opening sequences in all of movie history. Hell, they even got a good scene out of Eli Roth. Not even Eli Roth has been able to do that. A triumph.

A version of this article first appeared in GQ Online


Skincare in your 20s, 30s, 40s


Skincare in your 20s, 30s, 40s

With age comes experience and wisdom...and wrinkles and gray hair. Not everything about aging is cause for celebration. But while you might not be able to stop the aging process, caring for your skin can increase the likelihood that at least your complexion will age somewhat gracefully.

moisturiser for men - organic and natural .PNG

Your skin doesn’t stay the same from season to season, and certainly not from year to year. It not only adjusts to accommodate seasonal, environmental changes, but also the changes going on within you. As you age, oil production slows and wrinkles appear. Working with your skin during these changes means understanding what’s going on and being flexible in your skin care routine.

Sure, not every man is a walking acne advertisement in his twenties and a wrinkle prevention spokesperson in his forties—we’re all different. But many complexions follow a similar trajectory as we age, and advice catered to these generalizations can be fitting for many men.

Skin Care in Your 20s

For most men, oil control is a biggie in your twenties. Sure, you may not have the pimpled, greasy glow of your teens, but high testosterone levels do lead to extra oil production. And if your pores are clogged on top of this extra moisture, pimples generally result.

The best thing you can do for this young, glowing complexion is control the oil as much as possible and keep it clean.

Cleanse. Look for an oil-free cleanser labeled as non-comedogenic, which means it won’t block your pores.  If your skin is extra greasy, opt for a daily cleanser with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which will help control oil production. Wash at least twice daily, especially in the morning, evening, and after workouts.

Exfoliate. Don’t overthink exfoliation. Exfoliating simply means removing dead skin cells. If you shave, you already do it. Sweat is another good exfoliator and so are some of the ingredients in acne treatments. The textured products that promise to uncover new skin are generally too abrasive. If you occasionally feel like your need extra exfoliation, a clean washcloth will do the trick.

Treat breakouts. Treat any pimples or areas prone to breakouts with spot treatments and all-over acne products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

Moisturize and protect. Moisturize daily. Yes, even oily skin needs help with moisture balance. If you dry your skin out too much, oil-production can actually increase to compensate. Look for a light, oil-free daily moisturizer with sunscreen. Your older self will thank you for protecting your face from the wrinkle-producing rays of the sun.

Skin Care In Your 30s

By now, you’re likely starting to see some changes in your skin type, texture, and appearance. It may be slightly drier and rougher, and wrinkles may be appearing around your eyes. Your skin care routine will need to change as your complexion does. If you’re still just as greasy and acne prone as you were in your 20s, you don’t need to change much, but assuming your skin is aging as you are, you’ll likely want to switch things up accordingly.

Cleanse. For combination skin, a mild daily cleanser is best. It may take trial and error for you to find one that balances your skin best. Look for a gel or liquid cleanser that is labeled mild and non-comedogenic. If your breakouts have mostly subsided, you may be able to use a cleanser just once daily and rinse your face with clean, lukewarm water for your second wash.

Exfoliate. Your skin cells may be turning over at a faster rate, now, and a gentle exfoliator can help remove the dead skin cells. Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid that weakens the bonds between skin cells and helps slough away the outermost layers without damaging the healthy skin underneath. Though exfoliation is optional, a product with glycolic acid is your best bet.

Treat problems overnight. Overnight is a great time for your skin to soak up beneficial ingredients. In your thirties, you may want to consider a night serum or cream to help treat the early signs of aging. Some night creams are very thick and moisturizing; unless your skin is very dry, you’ll want to watch out for these and instead look for one made for normal or combination skin. Dermatologists typically recommend anti-aging formulas containing retinoids.

Moisturize and protect. Protect your skin from continued damage by the sun by using a moisturizer with sunscreen daily. The benefits here are two-fold -- moisturized skin is more youthful skin, as a good moisture can reduce the appearance of fine lines by as much as 20%, according to a paper in the Journal of Clinical InvestigationsBut also, the sun never stops its relentless attack on your complexion, and in your thirties, if not before, you begin to see the signs of this damage appearing.

Skin Care In Your 40s

That rugged, aging look works for some men -- think Sean Connery, for example. But if the former 007’s face was littered with age spots and dull, lifeless skin, you can bet his sex appeal would drop several notches. Keep the salt-and-pepper gray hair that may be coming in when you hit your forties, but continue to strive for a youthful, healthy complexion.

The key to youthful skin in your forties, fifties and beyond is moisture.

Cleanse. Choose a cleanser specifically made for aging skin. Obviously, some men will always have slightly oily skin -- if this is you, continue to look for an oil-free anti-aging formula. However, it’s more likely you can opt for something with more moisture now. If your skin is dry, look for a cream cleanser to be used once or twice daily.

Treat the signs of aging. Anti-aging serums, including overnight treatments, are more of a must-have now. Products with antioxidants help slow the degradation of collagen and those with retinoids can increase collagen production. Vitamin C, an antioxidant, has proven a potentially strong anti-aging ingredient and vitamin A, a retinol, is also frequently found in these products.  

Moisturize and protect. Moisture is more important now than ever. Not only does it make your skin appear more youthful, but depending on ingredients, can help it stay that way for years to come. Daily moisturizers specifically made for aging skin will likely be thicker than the oil-free daily moisturizers of your youth for this reason. Sunscreen is still a must-have at this age.

Skin Care Tips No Matter Your Age

There are some things you can do for your skin, throughout your life, to ensure a healthy complexion for years to come.

  1. Don’t smoke. Smoking damages collagen and elastin and can lead to premature aging, as if you need another reason to forgo this habit.

  2. Stay hydrated. Moisture for your skin can come from the inside out. Always make sure to drink plenty of water.

  3. Eat a healthy diet. Your skin’s health depends on the vitamins and minerals in your diet. A diet heavy in sugar and refined carbohydrates can speed the aging process, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

  4. Sweat regularly. Exercise isn’t only good for your neck-down, it also helps create a youthful glow by purging toxins from your pores. Get your blood flowing on a regular basis.

  5. Be gentle to your skin. If a product stings, scrapes or otherwise hurts your face, it’s likely too harsh. Even skin that is acne prone needs a gentle approach.

  6. Always, always wear sunscreen. Have we beaten this dead horse enough? Sun damage doesn’t only contribute to the signs of aging but can lead to increased cancer risk. Always protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.


This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.



Gentleman Bloggers: The Watch List


Gentleman Bloggers: The Watch List

Cornerford Picks Our Favourite Gentleman Bloggers of 2019


As we’ve constantly said before; a million followers don’t impress us these days. It’s all about content creation, fantastic photography and inspiration to others. We don’t look at the numbers, instead delve deep into what each blogger brings to the table and sit down with them to offer our readers an insight into what they are really about. We ask what makes them tick, how they stay current in a very saturated industry and top tips for budding bloggers. These select few are our ones to watch for 2019.

We have picked our global best below so click ahead to discover the bright future of the blogging industry.



Lukas Gruszewicz / @Luke.Baldman // Germany

Gentleman Tip: Respect time. Respect your word.

Cornerford Piece: Cornerford U Premium padded bomber Jacket because it’s effortless, cool and can be combined in many different ways.

Lukas’ great outfit photography always leaves us wanting more. The clear, crisp and clean imagery shows us that he takes his modern man lifestyle blogging very seriously and is always creating fantastic content.

A fashion addict from Germany, Lukas loves to create new styles and outfits and is constantly trying to reinvent himself.

In a saturated market, we ask him how he tries to stand out; “What makes me stand out from other bloggers on Instagram is that I’m not trying to go with every trend and to copy others. I don’t create outfits for everyday use. I’m always paying close attention to the quality of my image composition, not just a quick shot in front of my doorstep (if you know what I mean). I also don‘t have a specific style or niche, versatility is the key.

Getting frustrated in a very flooded market is difficult to manage. Lukas thinks that you should take care of ‘behind the scenes’ skills before thinking of becoming an ‘influencer’. “You have to maintain professionalism right from the start”, he says. “Buy professional equipment, learn how to photograph and edit pictures and stay consistent to the style. Quality is King.

We love Lukas’ take on the world and he left us with a wonderful insight into his thinking; “Social Media is great and I’m thankful for the things I have accomplished through Instagram, but keep in mind that it is not the real world. Spend more time with family and friends!”

An absolute Gent in our eyes.



Roman / @bystandr.co // United Kingdom

Gentleman Tip: It’s the way you carry yourself, the way treat others but most importantly the confidence you have in yourself.

Cornerford Piece: The timepieces are a stunning piece of craftsmanship and everything one could want, need and hope for in a well-crafted watch. The elegant, Classic Bianco is my favourite as it's just so elegant.

Roman is a gentleman of many talents, juggling his blogging talent, degree in Interior Architecture and his job in a well-known Swedish furniture establishment. How he still manages to create stunning photography for Instagram is nothing short of a miracle!

Roman’s feed definitely caught our eye, it was hard to miss the elegance and the flow of it all. “I blog mostly about fashion and lifestyle. My favourite thing to do is curate an almost editorial look on my site. I love the way this set me aside from the typical influencer and the way they work and create content. I think going forward as bystandr, my main focus will be on solely creating editorial style content for my site.”

Roman’s Instagram feed stands out in the absence of colour, instead perfecting a sharp black and white look we’re familiar with in editorials. A real source of inspiration for the modern gentleman that breaks away from the normality of the suited-and-booted look. “I play around with fashion and looks that are thought-provoking in the hope to push my own creativity and that of others. My aim is to seem somewhat majestic.” Majestic is what we think, too.

In an already very busy marketplace, we ask him if it’s too late to start if others get inspired from him;

“It’s never too late to start anything!” he exclaims. “My top tip for new bloggers and influencers is to find your niche and the best blogs are the ones that are authentic. Don't be afraid to publish something different, the blogging scene needs to see a change.”

It’s a tight-knit community and Roman offers some great advice to new starters; “Talk to bloggers and ask for their advice. We all want the best for each other and it's not all about connecting with brands. We are a community and that should always come first, think of this as an extended family that share your love of creating beautiful content.”

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves.



Raja Singh Sapra / @iamsapra // United Kingdom

Gentleman Tip: Be caring and kind, recognise everyone as one.

Cornerford Piece: The timeless Nero Classic Cornerford Timepiece.

Raja started his creative journey around 2 years ago and wanted to highlight his love for fashion as well as exploring and building a more creative side. After quickly being picked up by a few prestigious brands in a couple of months, he realised this was for him and never looked back.

“My main aim is to show that a Sikh turbaned man can also make an impact in the fashion industry and that we have a lot to offer. I want to leave my legacy in the fashion industry.”

Raja tries to imitate a classic fashion sense that was portrayed by his granddad – his biggest inspiration and the most stylish influence on him.

The word ‘influencer’ doesn’t strike a chord with Raja, being more inclined for others to see him as a content creator, someone who finds a niche in the market and runs with it, persistently.

Raja seems to us as someone who has a fiery passion and wants to not only change trends, but to set them;

“I'm in this game for the long run. I want to leave a dent in the fashion industry. I want to walk for big brands and be on cover magazines, I want to show the world that being a turbaned Sikh does not mean you cannot make it in the fashion world. My look will not be a disadvantage but an advantage and I can't wait to continue this journey ahead.”

The world is your oyster, sir.



David Calderon / @DriftingDCal // United Kingdom

Gentleman Tip: Dress and act the part.

Cornerford Piece: Bamboo Face Scrub. I'm a big fan of a good face scrub that strips away the dead skin cells and helps keep the face nice and bright. Plus, organic = winning!


An eclectic mashup of men’s fashion, travel and all things nerdy is why David stands out as a blogger to watch. It’s a constant journey that will see people move in directions that they’ve previously may not have thought about before. “I've always liked dressing up. It became one of the main reasons people started following me on Instagram and from that point, it was just about making my fashion content even better and finding my own individual style.”

As well as an established Instagram following, David also posts travel videos on his YouTube channel, Drifting Dudes. Someone who’s keen to constantly travel, see the world and ingest new experiences will always be in our good books. “It's just so much for seeing the world and creating all these memories that I can look back on when I'm older.”

What sets you apart in a world of many, many content creators?

David passionately tells us; “The thing that sets me apart from other bloggers on Instagram is my nerdiness. That comes across in my content, my captions, and definitely 100% my Instagram stories. I'm a huge nerd and have always been into comic books and video games. With more knowledge than most people, it drove me to start a YouTube Channel where I talk about all things nerdy - especially the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I love to post these on my IGTV Channel on my Instagram too.”

We like the way that David thinks. Always speaking openly about how his mind works, how to not let his online presence falter and to keep a clear mind. “I think the most difficult thing is to not compare yourselves to others. I'm human and sometimes I get caught in the trap of comparing myself to other content creators and then my self-confidence takes a tiny dip,” he mentions. “You really have to set your mind right and get out of the loop of self-doubt and just keep creating and keep being the best you.”



Michael Joseph Hardwick / @michaeljosephhardwick // United Kingdom

Gentleman Tip: Treat people how they want to be treated. Be confident, not cocky. Be kind, helpful and welcoming.

Cornerford Item: It would have to be the Men's Soothing Moisturiser. Perfect to keep skin feeling refreshed and ready for the day.


A marketing exec turned influencer, Michael has the makings of a top notch blogger who could stand out from the crowd and leveraging his Digital Marketing expertise.

“Fashion is something that has always been something I've been passionate about. I love being experimental and dressing up to the nines.”

Michael is expanding into lifestyle and travel on top of menswear. But lifestyle can take many forms. “For me, lifestyle can be anything from events, to beauty and grooming products which gives an insight into my life.” Lifestyle is more than that for us. It’s a way to do good things in the world. Michael highlights this with his work with Prostate Cancer UK, something quite close to his heart after his father’s diagnosis last year. His biggest influence – Lady Gaga – encourages people to love one another and have the confidence to be your authentic self and that is what we define as lifestyle.

We loves speaking with Michael, a man of many talents and insights into the world. We learned that he is a Counter Tenor (very cool!) and you should all look out for his YouTube channel starting later this year to really see his song writing and music talents.

We always look for bloggers who ‘stand out’ and I thing Michael has this covered! “I think just being me makes me stand out. I love wearing sequins, I'm eccentric, bubbly, and above all, kind. People often say there’s something about me that is just different to others.” And there is – we get a real buzz when being in his company.



Domain Esdale / @Domain_Esdale // United Kingdom

Gentleman Tip: Being a gentleman revolves around one word - respect. Its respect for yourself and those around you.

Cornerford Item: I love all the Cornerford timepieces but in particular the Executive Silver Chronograph. I wear many suits and a nice watch can add the finishing details to any outfit.


What can we say about Domain? A dapper man who has Gentleman written all over him. Someone who lives his life by the Gentleman mantra and always carries his rules with him; define your style, be respectful; be well groomed; have manners. These tips tell you all you need to know.

Lifestyle, food and fashion are Domain’s headlines. Standing out in the fashion sector as his mantra is “fashion doesn't always have to come with a hefty price tag’. People flock to his page to get couture looks at high street prices and he gives his followers value. Mixing both tailored and streetwear looks, there’s something for everyone, especially appealing to the modern day gent.

Like many Gents, Domain’s biggest inspiration happens to be his parents. “I come from a fashion back ground and growing up my parents would always let me know the importance of dressing well. Even at high school I’d be the only guy with his shirt tucked in and an immaculate knotted tie!”

Now accustomed to the influencial lifestyle, Domain had trouble adjusting at first. “In the early days I used to hate shooting content in public as everyone would stare and it would seem uncomfortable - but now I love shooting pictures and working with some great brands on national and global campaigns. The more practice you get the better you become.” Great advice for any budding blogger!

Domain’s outstanding content doesn’t come as a surprise being in the fashion industry for many years. He is now the co-founder of a successful fashion and events company. We bet that big things will come for this Gent in the future.



Darren Branch / @darrenkbranch // United Kingdom

Gentleman Tip: Look after yourself physically and mentally, and of course, dress well.

Cornerford Item: Everything off the Lookbook! A style that is fresh and clean.


Darren is definitely someone who stands out for us in the blogging world. If you re in your 40’s, you’ll find it difficult to trawl through the insta homepage, past all of the 18 year old ‘bedroom influencers’ and find someone who fits your style enough to follow and engage with them. In steps Darren. A 48-year-young blogger from the UK who highlights men’s lifestyle, fashion and, most importantly, talks about mental health. Recently working with Whole Man Academy, Darren is a fantastic ambassador for Men everywhere.

A truly positive outlook on life, Darren brings us real content, genuine engagement and positivity on life. But not without its struggles – constantly working long hours online trying to perfect the look and photo for everyone to enjoy!

His success is based on a great blogging mantra that others should look to replicate. He tells us; “love what you do and do it well. Do not chase money and turn down brands that you do not believe in , keep it simple clean and engage with your followers and most importantly – stay original”. This is a key concept as to why Darren is making waves – only work with brands you truly believe in!

One of the most genuine bloggers we’ve met and we had great pleasure in introducing him to our top list of bloggers this year. Asking him what makes him tick, he simply put “I’m a genuine gentleman with a positive modern outlook on life with a love of fitness, fashion, film and family life.”

In a world where it’s getting harder and harder to stand out, people resort to shouting and being unnecessarily eccentric. The simple, genuine Darren’s of this world are now becoming the stand-outs.



Ollie B / @ByOllieB // United Kingdom

Gentleman Tip: Let others go first, be kind, smile and learn from your mistakes along the way.

Cornerford Item: Nero Black Classic Timepiece. Sleek and goes with everything.


A masterclass in standing-out from the crowd? Just follow Ollie.

His imagery is fantastic, thought provoking and aesthetically boundless. He has transitioned into creative imagery from the ‘blog’ concept to tell stories through sight rather than text. And it works. Thought provoking and immersive into his world. With each feature there is a story to be told; from products to places and emotions. His new website is due to be live soon, packed with posts about photography guides, fitness plans, look books, storytelling, video and much, much more. Something for everyone to bring him a new wave of followers looking to flex their creative muscles.

Ollie has found his niche in a noisy market, but we asked if it’s too late to start now? “No, it will never be too late,” he says. “If you have an idea then just run with it. Get as niche as you can and be consistent with it for a long time.” However it’s not without its drawbacks; “People are always ready to try and shatter your work in seconds that days years to build.” Oliie seems to be speaking from experience – however, from the content he keeps creating and the stories he is telling, he seems completely unphased – exactly the right approach to take.


He does offer tips for those who struggle and broadcasts a message; “Anyone out there who has a dream or goal and is struggling: Whilst on a recent trip to Berlin I looked over at my friend Luke’s laptop to read the quote:

People that give up don’t realise how close they were to succeeding.”

We say take that and run with it – tell your story.



Prince Charles’ Lochnagar Whisky Going Once....


Prince Charles’ Lochnagar Whisky Going Once....


Prince Charles evidently has good taste. Not only is he a sharp dresser – he all but defines the traditional British gent in that regard – but he’s a serious epicurean. In nothing is that better showcased than in his choice of whisky. Whereas dear old mum might prefer a gin, HRH The Prince Charles loves nothing more than a dram.


Back in 1988, that took the form of a full cask of Royal Lochnagar, a whisky that most collectors will fawn over given the chance. Water in this instance may just be considered high treason. It was bottled 30 years later on the Prince’s birthday and instantly became a collector’s item.


To illustrate just how in-demand this particular bottle is, earlier this year in January, the first bottle from the cask was sold at auction for £9,100. Sure, that’s not quite up there with whiskies in the tens or hundreds of thousands, but it’s still a serious amount.


Of the original 206, 184 were sold via ballot and one remains in the Royal Lochnagar archive. Now, 20 more of these bottles of 30-year-old exquisiteness – that’s the last of the original cask – are going to be up for sale this month via the Whisky Auction.



If you’re worried about the price these whiskies will set you back, let us put your mind at ease a little bit: both the lot price and the commission will go directly to The Prince’s Foundation. It’s a very good dram for a very good deed – and damn is it a very good dram.


Think cereal, vanilla, pear and marzipan fragrances with sweet black fruits, walnuts and coconuts underneath a creamy palate – quite frankly, it’s whisky porn.


If you don’t manage to snag one of the 20 beautifully-presented bottles, the last of which goes under the hammer soon, never fear. There’s plenty more to bid on, and too much to begin listing. Who knows where it would end? Just do yourself a favour and look over some of the lots available.


The last 20 bottles of HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay’s 1988 30-year-old Royal Lochnagar single malt scotch whisky will go to auction from Sunday 3rd to Tuesday 12th March online at whisky.auction


This article first appeared on Oracle Time





If Classic cuts are your thing, then you’ve no doubt heard of Figaro’s Barbershop in Lisbon - a veritable haven for traditional tailor-made barbering.


Lesser known is the man behind the brand, and that’s because Fabio David Marques is about as unassuming as they come. Fabio tends to let his work speak for itself, and it’s this humility and dedication to craftsmanship that’s attracted some big names, David Beckham included.

Fabio opened Figaro’s back in 2014. Dedicated to preserving the dark-art of traditional men’s grooming, he and his team specialise in classic cuts from the 1920s through to the 50s. Think slick backs, pompadours and executive contours. 
That said, if you are feeling a little more experimental, you can walk out with a flat top boogie, a psycho quiff or a Jelly Roll. These are actual men’s hairstyles, we aren’t just making words up. But don’t be intimidated by the jargon - Fabio and the boys will always advise you before taking the clippers to your hair.


“I honestly believe these are the haircuts that suit every man. They seem to respect the anatomical shape of a man’s head somehow.

The classic cuts are what I love to do and what I’ve specialised in. At the same time, I also enjoy doing longer haircuts inspired by the 1960s and 70s. It really just depends on what the customer wants and what will suit him best.” 


“I met David during a shoot that was happening here at Figaro´s. He asked if he could get a haircut afterwards. It all happened very spontaneously.”


“My ultimate tip is to find a good barber that knows what he’s doing and stick to his advice. Once you’re in the hands of a professional, he’ll help you shape and maintain your most flattering hair and beard style.” 


“My own hairstyle tends to oscillate between a slightly pomped slick back and a long trim pompadour.

Sometimes I like to taper the sides and back so they’re faded. Other times, like right now, I let everything grow out to a super long trim. I’m less experimental with my beard - I’ll let it grow for a week and then go right back to a clean shave.

That said, I’m never without my moustache; it’s been 10 years we’ve been together and I don’t think I could bear to see my face without it.”


This article originally appeared on House 99