It was only a few years ago when footballers had a common misconception perceived in the media. The newspapers are quick to jump on stories that make someone look bad - but slyly sweep stories that make them supermen under the rug. Footballers in the UK and around the world are adored. It only takes this video to prove it.

All carry a strong love for the fans in their heart, because without them they wouldn't have reached the dizzy levels of professionalism in the sport that they themselves adore.

Angel Rangel is no different. A Gentleman in his own right, a great role model to future footballers who want to make it out onto the field. We had a quick chat with him and as huge fans of Swansea City ourselves (as that is where we began before moving to the Capital) it was amazing to see the passion in his stories - a highlight of his being beating Barclays Premier League rivals Manchester United 2-1 last season.

Now he has Joined the Cornerford Family to cement his place into the Gentleman world. Like him, we welcome you to #JoinThisThingOfOurs