Newly crowned Ibiza Clubbing Award DJ Modaa, also known as Lloyd Scoulding captures the soul of  Cornerford branding. He shows us all that being a gentleman is way beyond just a suit. It is about having control and influencing people in the right way - whatever medium you use it through.

Every time Modaa steps onto the stage, thousands of eyes are staring in anticipation to see, and hear, what he does best. Controlling the crowd until every last person is grasping his beats.

Recently winning the Ibiza Clubbing Guide Grassroots Newcomer DJ Award, the Modaa brand is exactly who we cater for - individuals reaching for the big picture. Lloyd is out to build his own DJ empire, constantly opening new doors wherever he goes, leaving nothing behind, starting on a quiet night in a local bar in Swansea, now playing residencies in clubbing capital Ibiza in big name venues, but siting his highlight of playing Ministry Of Sound as a "dream come true".


His Empire just grows strength to strength and you need to remember the name Modaa if you don't know already. A source cemented Lloyd's status as a gentleman by saying "How many DJ's do you know that will say text me when you get back safely? Quality."

Hungry, ambitious and yet still maintaining a gentlemanly way of life is what our brand stands for.

Follow Modaa's latest gigs and appearances on his social media pages and check out his Ministry of Sound performance.