Ever wondered how the Cornerford brand operates?

We’re here to show you how.

cornerford group

And there’s the first façade. “We’re”.

… There is no “we”, just me. Dovy Cornerford.

I guess I can call myself the founder & CEO of Cornerford. But to be a CEO you need to have staff, right?

Everything, absolutely everything, from web design, photography, product design, shipping, marketing and social media is done by myself (with a little help from friends and family when they can!)

This isn’t a ‘come clean’. It’s a behind the scenes of the brand I’m trying to build and to show my customer the journey I go through in developing it. 

I see 100's of these new brands pop up every day on instagram, trying to reach out to 'influencers' who have had their 5 mins of fame on reality TV and to get more vanity followers for their 'brand'. There isn't a second thought to the actual customer base or the quality of the products. 

I look through every single product that I sell and if it's not good enough - doesn't go out to customers at all and I start again. Customer service makes my label what it is and without customer service, there's no point. I answer every email personally and try and give my customer the best service I can so that they have a product they can love.

Developing the Cornerford brand is a lot of staying up until 2am after a full day’s work – and not so much “fake it till you make it”, but more of front end development for the market. I believe there should be a balance between ‘retail ready’ and real-world experience. No one wants to see chiselled abs anymore, it’s been done and it’s boring, however presentation needs to still be at the forefront.

In a world that is absolutely saturated with Instagram models, show offs, wannabes and fakers, I want to show the realness of the brand for everyone to buy into.

Cornerford Meetings

My girlfriend came up with the idea at one of our meetings (a pen, paper, beer and popcorn) to actually show what happens behind the scenes. "Be genuine and show people you're real".

I constantly have people say that I’ve got the image of the brand just right. When emails are sent out, there’s an impression of a global team of 100 people, but it’s just me.

To start the brand took many months of planning. I got a very modest, but successful Kickstarter (take a look at how far the brand has come! - looking back it's very cringe to me) as well as my own savings and my very best friend Joe to help a little. I knew nothing about marketing, PR, branding or watches – but have spent countless hours learning about everything, mainly to save costs - nothing but my passion of watches driving me forward. I spend my free time reading books and listening to podcasts for inspiration. Those who follow me on instagram, will see that I always show my followers what I'm reading or listening to so that they can gather their own inspiration.

From then, little by little, I have grown slowly and keep putting countless hours into making it bigger and better. My ethos from the start has always been more about customer service and to perfect that. From learning photography, Photoshop and digital marketing to helping each customer, teaching myself new skills to save cash and talking to big name buyers who knock me back 100 times over. Each experience helps me and the brand grow into my own vision.

Join me on the journey and see how it develops – coming to think of it, it’s not just me, it’s every single customer and every single fan that helps it grow!