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Anyone for a Gin?


Anyone for a Gin?

Here at Cornerford we’re not all about products, it’s how you integrate them into your lifestyle and show them off. We call it luxury living.

Whether you’re dawning your Classic Cornerford on a dinner date, a business meeting or a night on the town – we’ll have you covered across your whole journey – from threads to experiences.

Across the year, we’ll be bringing you places to see, go, eat, drink, relax and experience both all across the UK.

Where better to start than the birthplace of our founder – Dovy Cornerford – in a city extremely close to his heart; Swansea.

A city up-and-coming with new ideas for experiences, we’ve found a perfect place to start – Juniper Place. A new culinary establishment with its very own Gin distillery in the restaurant.

We caught up with the owners to tell us more…

First off, how would they describe their restaurant to those interested?

Restaurant Gin Bar.jpg

“Relaxed dining in the heart of Swansea City. Our Steak & lobster menu is a sight to behold.

We also have a Gin distillery attached to the restaurant - where Cygnet Gin is made, our very own Gin, made by Master Distiller Dai Wakely.

This allows for a bespoke and original in-house ‘Gin Perfect Serve’ menu, serving up Juniper Place’s own Gin made in the distillery on site.”

What makes you stand out from other culinary establishments?

“Our mix of incredible food and beautiful decor is what makes us so popular. The restaurant is truly exquisite, a mix of copper installations, beautiful hanging decorations and of course, the live micro Gin Distillery attached to the venue makes for a wonderful centre piece.

The staff, food and the atmosphere is why Juniper Place is a ‘must visit’ in South Wales."

Something for Everyone

Juniper Place attracts all types of customers; from retired couples enjoying a set lunch, to a group of girls on a hen do, offering something for everyone.

Offering a breakfast, lunch menu and dinner menu, you’ll have no excuse not to visit and of course, no restaurant is complete without a Sunday roast menu!

We met the owners who, like us here at Cornerford, seem extremely likeable, ambitions and hungry (sorry) for more. So where next?

“We also own three other venues in Swansea;

  • Old Havana - a Cuban Fusion restaurant and bar;
  • Li’l London - a Shoreditch theme cocktail ban, and;
  • The Meatery & Martini Co - a steak house and late night martini bar.

So we’ll be concentrating on those venues for a little while, but who knows… the Refining Dining Co brand is one that is always expanding and growing so we’re excited for the future.”

As a London brand, we went to check out Li’l London for ourselves, a cool bar crammed with all things London! From a double decker bus bar, to a replica underground station – we felt right at home!

Interestingly though, we also asked one final question, which incidentally, if we got asked the same thing for our fashion brand, the reply would be almost identical. What is the most difficult thing about running your restaurant?

“You need to stay current, stay ahead of the trends and REALLY know your customers - if you can do that, then you’ll always do well.”


You see – there’s the secret to success. In a world that is changing quicker than anyone ever imagined, it is important to have fresh ideas and more importantly look after your clientele. You do that and you’re well on your way to victory. It’s the passion for bringing in new concepts that makes a business successful.

….anyone for a Gin?